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Janitorial Supplies

At Apex Sanitation, it should be no surprise that janitorial supplies are our specialty! Having the right janitorial supplies can go a long way- after all, the right equipment can make it that much easier for custodians to do their job quickly and efficiently. Some of the high quality supplies that we carry in our 22,000 square foot warehouse facility that's located in Toronto, Ontario include the following: • Maid and Utility carts • Recycling containers • Hardware mops, brooms, brushes • Microfiber cloths and mopping systems • Buckets/Wringers • Floor Maintenance Pads • Contact us to learn about some of the other janitorial supplies that we have in stock! We operate our own fleet of delivery trucks- we have 4 Apex Sanitation owned and operated trucks in total, so you can bank on receiving your delivery from a reliable source! If you'd like to learn more about some of the janitorial supplies that we can offer you, feel free to continue reading about our products below.