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Paper Product Supplies

Our 22,000 square foot warehouse facility in Toronto, Ontario houses a diverse selection of significant janitorial supplies, which include paper towels, toilet paper, and facial tissues. These important paper products, along with their dispensing systems, are essential for many types of locations, including offices, schools, and healthcare facilities. In fact, these products are vital for residential homes as well- people need to use them every day! When it comes to paper products, quality is very important. This is why we at Apex Sanitation have nearly $1.5 Million worth of inventory- we want to offer our customers a diverse selection of janitorial supplies! With familiar brands like Cascades Fine Paper, Paper Source, Kimberley Clark, Scott, Kruger, and Wausau Paper, we want to provide our customers with the finest paper products that you can buy! To learn more about the paper towels, toilet paper, facial tissues, and dispensing systems that we carry, simply scroll down and read away!